Is your service free of charge?

It is.

I think I need more information on how DNS work.

Here you can get more information.

How does it work?

To start using our service just add you domain and specify our NS server in your domain registrar panel. Besides you may need to allow AXFR transferring.

How can I get the list of my current NS servers?

You can use dig from Linux or intodns.com. If you see just one NS server you might want to consider additional servers to increase the reliability.

Is it possible to get domain statistic information?

Sure. Just create a new account and you will be able to get all required information. If you have already added some domains, information on them they will be accesible trough our control panel.

What should I do if I find a bug on your site?

Contact us and we will do your best to fix it at the earliest.

Do you provide primary DNS service?

At the moment we don't.

Is your service IPv6 complaint?


What does it mean 'stealth server'?

For security or other reasons you might want to hide your primary NS server. You can easily do it by not specifying it in your registrar control panel but only our NS servers. In this case nobody except you would know about it. If you need more information you can take a look at this, for instance.